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// librandom implements utilities for working with pseudorandom sources of
// randomness.
// librandom functions source rand() for randomness and are not suitable for
// security-sensitive work. For such code, use srand() for secure randomness or
// the 'crypto' standard library.

// boolean returns either true or false with equal probability
fn boolean rand() > 0.5

// integer returns an integer in the range [min, max) with uniform probability
fn integer(min, max) number(int(min), int(max)) |> int()

// number returns a floating point number in the range [min, max) with uniform
// probability
fn number(min, max) {
	if max = ? -> [min, max] <- [0, min]
	min + rand() * (max - min)

// choice returns an item from the given list, with each item having equal
// probability of being selected on any given call
fn choice(list) list.(integer(0, len(list)))